Organic Brands and Sellers in the Philippines

After I gave birth, I decided to go organic. There are many reasons why I chose this path and one of these is to keep my family healthy and safe. I enjoy shopping organic made items especially for my baby. However, I do it online since our province does not have a store that offers pure organic products. Hopefully soon! And because of my obsession in organic things, I listed the stores and companies offering natural made products in the Philippines.

  1. Human Heart Nature - A friend dealer asked me to like her FB page and decided to check if they have baby products. I was impressed by the positive reviews from their customers. HHN has affordable products and easy to navigate website. I haven't tried their products yet since I have just ordered from my friend. They have huge varieties of products with prices that every mom will love. HHN offers products for babies, women and men.

  2. Tiny Buds - I discovered this product when I was pregnant, I used their rice baby powder and it was awesome. I actually bought it for my baby, but since I sweat a lot during my pregnancy I used it and it really works wonder. It keeps me dry and fresh. This powder is biodegradable and hypoallergenic, completely free from harmful talc and other chemicals. It keeps the baby’s skin healthy, fresh, moisturized and dry from perspiration. Aside from this, I also tried their Tiny Buds Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash which is made from mild natural cleaner. It is safe to use for babies since it is made from 100% food safe fruit extracts. It easily gets rid off the bacteria and foul odor from a left over formula. And since my baby frequently have insect bites, I used the Tiny Buds Scratch Off Natural Soothing Cool Gel which is specially formulated with natural ingredients to help soothe common skin discomfort like itch, swelling and redness from insect bites and other minor skin irritation for children and adults. (Source: Tiny Buds FB Page) Their products are quite pricey, however, they are effective and safe.

  3. Milea Organics - Haven't tried their products yet. But it has tons of positive reviews as well. They have products for babies, women and men. They also sell organic honey in different flavors which I would also want to try.

  4. GIGA Ventures -  One of the most well known sellers of natural beauty products. I heard a lot about their Giga Shampoo Bar, many customers says it has miraculous results. Will add this item to my grocery list for product review. They have many outlets in Manila. Unfortunately, here in Albay, we don't have their branch that's why I have to purchase online.

  5. Messy Bessy - They are known for their natural household cleaning products. I haven't tried their products too but definitely I would also want to purchase and see if they are really effective. I also love their vintage-like packaging, so cute. However, their products are pricey (ooops!). But if you mommies are interested, you can always check out their website.

  6. Zenutrients - It is a family owned business offering various types of organic products. They have different branches in Manila. Zenutrients is a brand that has everything you need from head to toe and more! All natural + organic shampoos, soaps, lotions, scrubs, butters and other products, made from the best that nature has to offer, handmade & bottled for you. (Source: Zenutrients FB Page)

  7. Leyende - From the Spanish word leyenda, meaning “legend” or “story,” Leyende is an emerging Filipino brand of handmade, natural and organic bath and body products following eco-friendly, artisanal principles. (S0urce: FB Leyende Page)

  8. Indigo baby - A one stop shop baby store. Their mission is to promote attachment parenting- breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing and use all natural products for moms, dads and babies! (Source: Indigo Baby FB page)

  9. Sensou Nature Source - This shop sells almost all products of the brands listed here. In 2007, a group of friends began to individually discover how not just their lifestyle but also the products that they choose to use, can affect the well-being of both their families and the world outside. In the search for cleaner alternatives, they realized that they had to go all over Greater Manila to maintain this renewed lifestyle. These friends agreed how uncanny the irony was: buying green also meant buying more gas! (Source : Sesou Nature Source FB Page )

  10. Ilog Maria - one of my favorite organic sellers. They sell affordable organic products from their honey bee farm. Would also love to try  their products.

That's it! So far this is my compiled list of organic products sellers in the Philippines. Will update this post to add more brands and sellers. Ciao!

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