My 28th Year and some Reflections

Today marks the spot of my 28th year of existence on earth. And I am thanking the Lord for giving me another year to make precious memories with my loved ones. Before my birthday, I have been receiving great gifts, they are not material things, but they are the ones that will lasts forever. And I am so overjoyed. This year, I have so many plans  and want-to-dos. Hopefully I can achieve them all. Mostly, for my family especially my child. Yesterday, I saw her trying on my shoes and that's the time I noticed she's growing up so fast.

Everyday I feel like a student in Motherhood University, learning many things that will help me bring up a happy child and deciphering her little toddler attitudes. There are many times I felt I failed because whenever she's doing something bad I can't help but broke down and lose my patience. Fortunately, my husband is always there to help me. We're both working side by side in this journey. It is tough but the most rewarding thing we've ever done. I think that our child is a reflection of who we are back then to our parents. My daughter helped me to realized many things like how I treat my parents, how I behave, who I was etc. So this year, I want to focus more on being a mom and a wife. And one of my birthday wish is to become a good parent to baby G.

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