My Year-ender Post

Few more hours and 2014 is here. The year 2013 has been so crazy but fun. I turned 27 and I realized many things about life especially the importance of  family. Now that I have my own, I realized that they are the ones who always got my back no matter what. The year 2013 also allowed me to see who my real friends are and who should I cut out. I admit, this year was tough but it did helped me grow and be strong.

For this year I want to thank the Lord for always looking after and taking good care of my loved ones. I always pray to him that they will have a happy, healthy, safe and a contented life. I am also thankful for the huge blessing we received - my baby G. She turned 1 this year and she's growing up so fast.Now, I am  happy with my decision for taking a break in office work and stay at home with my family. I will continuously pray that she'll grow up smart, kind, healthy and beautifully. I am also thankful that my marriage is going strong. Despite of the misunderstandings and fights we have, me and my husband will do our best to keep our bond and love stronger.

Hopefully 2014 will be good to us. I have so many plans and want-to-dos for the coming year. So 2014, bring it on!

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