3 Life Stressors and How to Deal with Them

With so many distractions that catches our attention, we never ran out of things to do making us so busy with a lot of stuff. And because of this, we are becoming prone to stress. There are different factors that causes such, it depends on our habits, lifestyle, environment and the food we eat. I have been battling with stress for so many years and when I became a parent, it became a bigger issue. Recently I suffered from extreme fatigue and stress - the time I've had enough. So what I did is list down the things that makes me feel stressful that way I can evaluate and find solutions to this problem. After listing down my stressors and find ways to get rid of them, I can say that my day to day life is getting well. So here are some of the stressors that I think might also help you to determine your own stressors;


Since I work as a freelancer, I usually spend 12 hours in front of the computer daily and when I am relaxing, I always have the urge to use my phone to check the web again. I realized that after using them, my eyes and back hurts a lot. It's a painful habit. So in order to prevent stress early, focus on work and finish it on time. Limit internet browsing especially if there's nothing important  to do. And I did this. After my shift, I spend my time with my baby and hubby.

Negative People

Sometimes other people can cause us to stressed out. I have a few friends who always complain about their life and relationships which somehow have an impact to me just because I sympathized with them. However, I realized that I am becoming their shock absorber and in the end I'm the one who feels like carrying a huge burden. I know there's nothing wrong to listen especially if it is for a friend, however, make sure you are strong enough to absorb the negativity from other people's problem. If not, you can still listen, if asked for an advice, give an advice then shut. What I did is I took a break. I want to remove all the negative things thrown and absorbed by me. So, I took a break talking about problems, when I'm with them I just open up an interesting topic and happy stories not related to their life and relationship issues.


I usually spend the whole day or week at home, in my little office without seeing other people and visiting places, talk about the downside of a homebased job. It stresses me out sometimes since I always see the messy room. So what I did is organize everything and see if I could make time for cleaning and family bonding. A messy place is a huge stressor too so better get rid of it. A clean environment eases the mind.

So far these are my stressors and how I deal with them. For some, it might be little issues but who knows, when these little things piled up, they are the worst. So, how do you deal with stress? Share it! :)

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