Merry Christmas! I know I know this is a very late post but it's better late than never. How was your Christmas? Mine was so great but weeks before the holidays I was so busy already. Well, I have to wrap more gifts and buy some more. It's really hard to have so many godchildren but it's fun. Anyway, I came across a fantastic gift wrapping idea in Pinterest - recycling magazine pages as gift wrappers. What a great way to save for gift wrappers! So without further ado here are my masterpieces:

Since my magazine collection was not enough and because my hubby's mags are better than mine, I used his instead. They are precious to him but he gave it to me anyway, it's Christmas! I like the texture of Pulp Magazine, some of its pages have cool designs which is great for gift wrapping. My problem was, most of my godchildren were girls and the magazine is designed for "boys", however, we still used it.

Here are just some of the gifts for them. I love to give something that is useful. When it comes to the little ones, I usually give educational stuff.

And here was the result of my experiment. Well, I am proud of it. How about you? Share your Christmas DIY ideas. It's not yet too late.

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