7 DIY Baby Pants Projects You Should Make

Today I want to share a compilation of DIY baby pants which I gathered from different mommy bloggers, hope you  like it! (Just click on the labels for the links)

1. Dear Lizzy's DIY: Baby Chevron Tights and Triangle Leggings

2, By Wilma's DIY Jersey Baby Pants

3. Junkaholique's DIY Baby

4. Cirque du Bebe's Baby Sarouels

5. Take Time to Smell the Rose 's Toddler Longies or Pants

6. Make It Love It 's 2 Legging Styles


  1. oh my gosh, adorable! i have an 8 month old nephew and i'd love to make him something! i'll have to brush up on my sewing skills first, though :)

  2. True! It's a great gift for the little ones. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I am one of your avid readers, btw. :D